Storybook Dragon

by eidobunny


Storybook Dragon is a hand-drawn RPG...

...and everyone is very aware of it.

A curse is spreading.

Bit by bit, everything is turning to paper.

Will you fight it?

Or will you embrace it?

You, December!

You're part water dragon.

You even have a brush tail.

You could... do a lot while the world is like this.



Here's a few things about the game while you wait for me to make it:


-You specialize in water dragon magic-

-Water can put out fires and stuff-

-You can drink water, it's good for you (trust me)-

-Water damages paper (oh no)-

-Other things damage paper too, like fire-

-And scissors-

-There probably won't be any scissors in my game though-


>Gameplay will be split between classic top-down RPG segments and "scenarios"<

>"Scenarios" are (usually) turn-based tactical sidescrolling action platforming segments<

>Sorry if that's just a bunch of words you've never seen in the same sentence before<

>But pretty soon I'll have a prototype for you to test<

>Anyway, "scenarios" can be boss fights, events, puzzles, and shops<

>More on that later, I guess<

~Alright back to scenarios~

~Scenarios can be resolved in many ways~

~In general, there will be at least 3 ways out of any given scenario~

~For example you might choose to destroy everything~

~Or you might choose to... do something other than destroy everything~

~You can e-mail me at any time to tell me how great I am at explaining things~



Graphics entirely hand-drawn and animated traditionally with pen and watercolor on paper.

Storybook Dragon.

Coming... eventually.



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