Storybook Dragon

by eidobunny

Storybook Dragon is a hand-drawn RPG.

It starts at the beginning.

Chapter one, page one.

And that's where you are, December.

But I'm sure if you continue on, somehow you'll reach THE END.

After all, you've got imagination and magic on your side!

Use your powers to write us a great story please.

We'll all be here waiting for you.



Here's a few things about the game while you wait for me to make it:

-The world is currently a storybook, so most things are made of paper-

-You specialize in water dragon magic-

-Water can put out fires and stuff-

-You can drink water, it's good for you (trust me)-

-Water damages paper (oh no)-

-Other things damage paper too, like fire-

-And scissors-

-There probably won't be any scissors in my game though-


>Gameplay will be split between classic top-down RPG segments and "scenarios"<

>"Scenarios" are (usually) turn-based tactical sidescrolling action platforming segments<

>Sorry if that's just a bunch of words you've never seen in the same sentence before<

>But pretty soon I'll have a prototype for you to test<

>Anyway, "scenarios" can be boss fights, events, puzzles, and shops<

>More on that later, I guess<

+You have a unique tail, it's kinda like a brush+

+You can use it for brush-type things like...+


+Writing stories+

+Or the most obvious option...+

+Casting spells+


~Alright back to scenarios~

~Scenarios can be resolved in many ways~

~In general, there will be at least 3 ways out of any given scenario~

~For example you might choose to destroy everything~

~Or you might choose to... do something other than destroy everything~

~You can e-mail me at any time to tell me how great I am at explaining things~



Graphics entirely hand-drawn and animated traditionally with pen and watercolor on paper.

Storybook Dragon.

Coming... eventually.



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